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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Setbacks & Milestones: The Rizes and Falls

PART 14: Mini Biography Vol. 4

This is Volume 2 of the Auto Biography of Freeze Flame.  As the Sauga continues, a Dream come true or a Nightmare turned reality?  Take a read...  

THE Auto-Biography of Freeze Flame: 
Vol. 2, The Birth (FLAME & ASH)

It was December 8, 1995, a Friday when young Mr. Brown's worst nightmare came true.  As he was preparing with a couple friends to DJ a house party, the news came through a phone call.  His house was on Fire and burning down.... A reoccurring nightmare that became reality was not only a sign, but the beginning of a new era of his life, that would change the way he saw the world forever.

Born from the ash like a Phoenix, Freeze Flame, as came to be known was a vision of the future.  His vision of change from his negative ways, and his total driving force for instituting this idea....  Freeze Flame was a name for later, but a name kept for the proper timing. 

It may not have been known to many at the time, but Red a little over a year earlier had made a conscious decision to cut back and eventually stop what trouble he had caused over the years...  By the time these Reoccurring dreams had started he had become quite obsessed with the Life of Dreams he had been living during this time.  This allowed him to gradually get away from the criminal lifestyle he had previously chosen. 

By the time of this incident, the house fire, Red had more or less effectively removed himself from what crimes he had committed early on, but after quite a turbulent year, most people did not see it that way.... They Only saw one thing, a young troubled kid that continued to getting "caught." 

Red's Focus has turned from street crime long before this incident.  He had taken an interest in Music and Entertainment, and wanted to be a part of an industry that had no idea of who he was.  His Interest had gravitated to Hip Hop Culture and its Music stylings, He lived, breathed, ate, slept the music almost literally.

At a much younger age he had been introduced to the Music known as Rap, but after further research  he found knowledge through Hip Hop Culture, still a relatively ignored aspect of the music in the early 90's.  Red made it the focus of all his attentions, even school took a distant second.  The one rule  Red had chosen for himself was to finish school, High School, at minimum.  At the time, passing was the goal, just passing was the only thing that mattered.  Whether by a mere percentage point or more.

Music on the other hand was another thing entirely, he had to get music, listen to it, learn it... either just know as much as possible about it, memorize lyrics, or write some of his own...  he really had no idea of how to write lyrics, but he was fairly poetic and began at an early age detailing his life's events in a poetic form, through rhymes and somewhat structured verse that came across like riddles.... to most people this type of idea did not make sense.

In the days that preceded the house fire, Red, once again stopped sleeping and took to the streets in an attempt to rid his mind of the occurrence of  these dreams....  they were both disrupting his Life of Dreams, something that he had become sort of attached to, but also his Reality... In one sense, without sleep he was not functioning properly.

He had gone out days before and found a guy that was readying to sell all his stereo equipment, including some audio recording equipment, and turntables, etc... worth a lot of money...  The seller wanted a substantial amount of money, thousands of dollars, but Red was able to get a bargain...  He talked him down to a couple hundred for everything... mainly because the seller had upgraded already and just didn't need the old equipment...

On the day on the fire, Red returned home only to discover his new stash of equipment missing, stolen.... just gone.... it was a devastating setback for the future of young Red, he would have to start all over again.  Equipment that he had bargained for and paid for with his own money.... now, he again had nothing, no money, no equipment.  He later left the house, after him and his father visited the probation officer that Red was assigned at the time, to go help out with the house party.

Little did he know what was about to happen, his Worst Nightmare was about to come to light and set him back from his new found goals for much longer than he would have ever anticipated.  Red, never went back to the house, never was able to see the devastation presented to him in the form of a reoccurring nightmare. He would later regret what he didn't witness in Reality and be forced again, to relive the reoccurring nightmares for months and years to come only to wonder and question; how close, how real, and at times, IF this event even ever really happened....

The house fire, that spawned the Ash that gave birth to the Phoenix, named Freeze Flame... was a true to reality nightmare that crossed the threshold of the Life of Dreams to reveal the bottom of Red's young world, and set him on a path that would take many years, more setbacks, as well as small milestones that would allow the pair(Red Brown & Freeze Flame) to rise from the Ash to take shape...


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