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Monday, September 13, 2010

Setbacks & Milestones: The Rizes and Falls

PART 12:  Mini Biography, Vol 3.,

This is Volume 3 of the Mini Biography Series.  This happens to be the first volume, known as the Prequel, of the Auto Biography of Freeze Flame.  Detailing the events that lead up to the event to which Freeze Flame takes it name.  Some what of a birth of a new entity, and a change in a young man that would last a lifetime.

The Auto-Biography of Freeze Flame: 

 Vol.1, The Prequel

It was the early-mid 90's, an unknown young Kid at the time, Red Brown had taken a very keen interest in Music, among other things.  During these secondary activities, Red would develop a taste for marijuana, in particular.  His musical interests more or less focused on Hip Hop Culture and the music related.  He found himself profoundly relating to some of the story lines portrayed within these Raps & Rhymes... He saw it as a form of poetry with a street smart vision that he had become accustomed to over recent years.  Poetry from the streets, Rhyme schemes formed, somewhat, into riddles and well thought out stories of one's past adventures and tribulations in a life filled with struggle.

Unlike many, Young Red, saw this a positive form of expression... Where many others heard the glorification of guns, drugs, and violence.  Other people heard the language being used, a lot of cursing, and completely tuned out the message as a whole.  Upon finding a focus, in an artistic form of poetry made for people who could relate, brought a spark to Red's mind, an idea of how to change his own life.  Make a change in his life, and bring a more positive outlook for his future possibilities.

Although Red's mind was hazy and distorted, his idea made much sense to him and started to plan and structure his ideas.  One main Idea was to build a company, from the ground up... In a sense from nothing.  That was part of another idea, is that he would have to do this in a way that would give himself credibility.  Red's family was in no way rich, but didn't have enough money to fund an idea such as this.  This left only one choice that he knew of, an idea of how to raise the necessary funds to undertake a project of this size.

Red's focus again shifted, he thought that maybe he could first construct a criminal empire that would make enough money, and then later switch over to making money legitimately.  His ideas were straying  and losing focus, but the concept as a whole remained intact.  He always had a knack for writing, considered good at it by teachers, and family members.. He found creative ways to stay focused on his idea, now a goal of his.  He eventually decided against transforming a criminal empire because the people he thought of as friends were not quite as ambitious or hopeful. 

The main focus was on Music, in what sense, he did not yet know.   He turned to his dreams for guidance, as many people in his reality were not as supportive of these types of business ventures.  Red had been a big dreamer, with such detailed and vivid dreams... He lost touch with what could be and what really was.  He could distinguish the two, but at times... His dreams presented visions, in a sense, of the potential of his own mind...

Red continued writing, and taking down notes about the things he had seen in his dreams, he had an interest in film making as well.  His family had bought a camcorder at some point, so he was given access to the use of it.... During free time, he would experiment with certain ways of making films using household items and stop motion animation, this way he didn't see it necessary to make himself the primary focus in these little side projects.  The creative, it seemed it where he excelled and was most vocal.

It wasn't until early 1995, when he was shown a future uncertain and quite frightening to him.  He continued to pursue his ideas and goals, and genuinely tried to cut down on his criminal activities.  Over the span of a few weeks time, Red was trying to name his company in an attempt to make it more of a reality even if only for himself.  Again, He turned to his dreams... as he was fairly used to having vivid spiritually dreams that presented to him many forms of symbolism, such as choices and directions in life.  He wanted to choose a path that would take him away from crime, but also one where he didn't  have to hide it from the world as a past shame.

One night after a long week of partying and drinking, etc. Red chose to go home, and take some time to himself, get some sleep, etc...  Red had previously found a method of making his dreams even more Lucid... He wanted mainly to be able to remember them clearly when he awoke.  He found that if he played music in his sleep, or through headphones wrapped around his skull, that his dreams became very realistic and he was also able to remember them much more clearly.  He had started doing this months before, when he received a small stereo system as a gift.  And using his skills began to collect some music that he had taken an interest in.

On this particular night, Red went through with his plans to gain some rest and alone time... Upon doing so, he went to sleep and began to live the Life of Dreams once more, a regular occurrence, but not always in a controlled setting. 

This night was the beginning of the idea of being able to work in the music industry, but it was also the beginning of the end of his Criminal ways in life.  What he saw within his dream world, was not a new dream.... But a vision of a reality yet to present itself...

It was devastatingly overwhelming, it both gave Young Red an idea for a name, but also an overwhelming feeling of desperation to change his life's path as quickly as possible.   Easier said than done... His vision repeated night after night, until he saw the final product from start to finish... What he saw within his vision was the destruction of his family home in a violent fire.... as well as a small chunk of the aftermath of such a catastrophic event...

The vision became Red's fear, and he began attempting to alter his Dream Life patterns, to see if such changes would affect the outcome.  His Life of Dreams became consumed with this new force, no matter what he did, Red seemed to be trapped in the same outcome.  

Red did what he could to just not sleep, as often as possible...  Focusing more on what he could do to alter his reality, his path in life, and choices that affected these aspects.  His love for the music took over his life, he did everything he could to be a part of it, mainly writing his own story....     


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