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Friday, January 29, 2010

2000-2009: Decade of Development


PREVIOUSLY; I had just wrecked my courtesy car, after having an accident in my own car, May & August 2004 respectively, long summer; I had done some Work/Travel in a couple provinces; made some new friends & lost some old ones; made some plans to further my travel, and completed another round of physiotherapy, which just never seems to be enough.

After completing physiotherapy, and making some plans for making my way back out west I needed to pack, and store some belongings. I once again vacated my apartment (room), and moved my stuff into my parents home. My bedroom was starting to look like a storage space.

I had filled them into parts of my plans, and told them how I was traveling and where I would be stopping. First Stop Thunder Bay, ON to visit a new friend that I had met briefly in person one day, and then talked to quite a few times after returning to Toronto by Air travel. As I told her I would be stopping through by car again soon. I told her my tail and we got to know each other, she invited me to stay with her for a couple days, and attend a couple Halloween parties with her friends and co-workers.

A few weeks before, I had taken another good friend of mine down to the duty free shop at the Queenston/Lewiston border crossing, and as a thank you she bought me a bottle of Hypnotiq, the blue cognac. Now, when I pulled that bottle out of my jacket at the party, her co-workers wondered what the hell it was, and were kind of scared to drink it. Thinking that I made it or something. After a nice week, visiting my new friend I had to be on my way to my next destination, as I thought my time was limited to get to where I thought I had to be. We parted ways and promised to keep in touch.

This time I took a different route, a much more scenic trip, through Fort Frances, ON and the many reserves that surround it. It is along HWY 11, which at that point was now the Southern route through North-Western Ontario. Then up to Kenora, ON and out of Ontario towards Winnipeg, MB where I did not stop this time, I didn't really know anybody there at the time. I did manage to get myself lost in one of the many bad neighborhoods in that city though, briefly.

My next stop was in Regina, SK. Where I thought I would see everybody again, but only saw a few of the people that helped me get home last time. One lady let me stay at her place as long as I helped her move in, I thought, no problem... I can help. Here I stayed for another week, give or take. It was a nice stay, I didn't party too much, it was starting to get cold.

I spent the week working on my next diploma through correspondence, and handing out business cards to local music industry people that I had made contact with. I was actually being productive in a positive way that I liked. I also contacted my lawyer to find out when the hearing was supposed to be.... after waiting for a few days for a response, I decided I should get on my way. I headed for Edmonton, AB, more out of habit than necessity.

I went North through Saskatchewan towards Saskatoon, SK only to see hundreds of dear carcasses all the way up, I then cut off the main Highway towards Sweetgrass, SK which happened to be on a road that would take me through Wainwright, AB.

I arrived in Wainwright quite late, I gave a phone call to my cousin, but was unsuccessful, so stopped at a store for something to eat and drink and kept on my way. I arrived in Edmonton, very early the next morning. I wasn't sure where to go, it was very early. So, I waited outside my aunt's place until I thought she might be awake. I talked to her and had breakfast with her before she went to work, I was told I could stay and sleep for the day, but wouldn't be able to stay for any long term. I was OK, with that. I wasn't expecting be in town more than a week or so, however, I did need to find some temporary work, to pay for the next leg of my journey.

I was told weeks earlier that I was supposed to have a hearing, in Vancouver, regarding my civil case for my MVA in 2001. It was schedule initially for December 15, 2004, and by the time I arrived in Edmonton, it was already Nov.12, 2004.

So my Aunt let me stay the week, with her and her boyfriend at the time, who was a real drunk, so I was fine with leaving. My Aunt was able to get me some work at her place of employment for about a week. Then I got the call from my Lawyer, that my hearing had been postponed until further notice. He mentioned that I might as well stay close, but not to bother coming to Vancouver for no reason. When I told my Aunt she was a little suspicious, and wanted me to leave. I had already landed a job at a hotel restaurant by that time. And before the end of November 2004, I had also been hired at Edmonton International Airport working on the ramp. For the next few weeks, I lived at my work, two jobs, no place to live. I found an add for a basement apartment in the area.

I had to make a promise noting that I would pay the remaining portions of my rent when I got my first paycheck, this situation ended very badly. It was one of the only times in my life that I actually called the police for help. Getting my property back from a crazy christian white lady that feared god like no other human being I have ever met in my life. She stole from me, and wanted more to get my stuff back, I fixed damage and she wanted more compensation, just because she thought she could get it. After, a few days one of my cousins found me sleeping in my car in their visitor parking, and made me come into the house. I explained everything, but that I had also found a place that wasn't available for a couple more days.

My schedule was OK with me at the time, I was working evening closing shifts at the restaurant and working split day shifts at the airport. I had also been able to get a gym membership at the airport for very cheap $15/month which helped me stay healthy for both jobs, and get stronger too. When I finally moved into my new place, I had two roommates and a guy that had been living there for awhile. I now had a place to sleep between shifts and at night or whenever I needed. By Christmas, I was putting in about 95 hours every pay period, so I missed Christmas dinner...... but I stopped in to say hello to my Aunt and Cousins. By New Years, I had worked about 3 and a half weeks straight with no holidays. I also missed the Christmas Party for the airport, but was able to attend a very boring toned down version of one at the hotel.

January 1, 2005 rolls around...... Things seem to be improving...


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