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Friday, January 29, 2010

2000-2009: Decade of Development


Previously; I had recently completed an intensive 1 year college program, and things were about to get interesting.... again.

March 2004 was a pretty significant Month for me. I had completed a very intense 1 year college program which was basically 3 full regular college years crammed into a single year straight through in 3 semesters. Also, near the end of my year at school, my grandmother had passed away from complications due to just about everything, but they called it leukemia. I booked a flight out to Alberta for the memorial service. Upon my return, my 2 year probation order had also come to an end following the conviction(s) stemming from what I refer to as The Acton Incident.

So many things were going on at that time, and many of those things tie in to events that may have happened at earlier times. During my year in school, I had lived in three different residences, in my second is where I began the relationship with a married young woman, I had also met, an older woman, with whom I shared the second floor in the rooming house. She and that girlfriend just happened to be from New Brunswick, However, different cities.

After I had moved to my third residence they became very close friends, as our relationship was nearing its end. They did invite me out a few times, and had made plans to travel to New Brunswick early in the spring 2004.
It worked out funny because the day I returned from my trip out west to the funeral, we all left on a road trip to New Brunswick & Nova Scotia. This was about a ten day trip, I had some fun... but it was difficult.
I was with two people who I thought were my friends, one was my "girlfriend" and the other a former roommate. Both with much to hide, and for some reason part of that something was me. I met a lot of my girlfriend's family, but as they knew that she was married I had to pretend to be the roommate's brother. And, around the roommate's friends I had to pose as the "Husband" sort of. Not that anybody really cared.
It wasn't until we actually met the roommate's brother in Nova Scotia @ CFB Greenwood that I was acutally able to be myself. The whole trip was very confusing to me. I later found out I was only really there as an extra driver and not really to be a part of the group....

It was the early days of May 2004, when things really started getting wierd...

When I moved out after returning from Whitehorse, I did require some assistance getting started, and my only option at the time was Welfare, aka Ontario Works. I used this to get and keep myself in an apartment while I was in Hamilton, and had subsequently transferred my file to Toronto when I moved. So, I was on Welfare while attending school on a grant, this was helpful, and I did inform my worker(s), on numerous occasions.

Along comes April 2004, and a quarterly review of my case file with Ontario Works.
First, Immediately upon completing school successfully my grant funding was over, so that money stopped very quickly. And upon my Ontario Works review, they asked me why I hadn't told them I was in school over the past year, and started accusing me of scamming them. WOW, and then they ceased my benefits. I now had no income source or money of any kind coming in. I had to get job, and fast...

I was living in Downtown Toronto, or my downtown, Lovely Parkdale. The quickest thing I could come up with was to go back to the factories, but living downtown it took a couple hours on the city bus to get to the out skirts of the city where most of these places were located. After a week or so, of hard work, my shoulder was hurting quite badly again, and I wasn't sleeping enough to let it heel. I then started looking into buying a car of some kind.

What a great idea, I had technically been employed by the temp agency for over two years, just not steadily. They took that as employment, as I was planning to keep on working. I bought a Chevy Malibu, thinking that it would help me get out there to get a better job. Soon after, the temp worked stopped abruptly.

About a week or so after I had bought my new/used car, the girls invited me out to go "dancing" I reluctantly said yes, and went along. We went in my girlfriend's car, and drove around for a long time until I finally asked what they were doing. They wanted to go dancing, but they claimed they didn't know where to go. I mentioned that it didn't really matter, there was clubs and bars all over the city.
They Finally confided that they were looking for a gay club...OK,
I told them how to get to the gay neighborhood in Toronto. I was then very hesitant, and thought something funny was going on. Not just because of where we were, the girls themselves had been acting strangely.

After a brief night out with the girls at a gay dance club, which I just was not into at all... She broke up with me, over the phone, on the way home... I was hurt, but deep down inside of me, there was a sigh of relief, like - FINALLY!
I had been seeing a decline in our relationship and noticed that she had changed too. Enough said.

I soon found work as a deliver driver, for a courier company, but had to use my own car. This was not a good sign, in my opinion. Especially, after they gave me the details of the job. They would pay weekly, but only after holding back the first 3 weeks, and pay on the fourth week, after the weekend. So basically the Monday, of the Fifth week I would get my first pay check. The other thing was, it was not hourly. 60% commission on each package delivered, so the idea was to hustle, drive fast, start early, make lots of deliveries. Not an easy task in Toronto traffic.

On the weekends, I had taken to taking little road trips to get away from the traffic, and just to be alone, I guess. I decided to go north, and see how far I could get within a weekend and be back before I had to go to work on Monday. It also gave me time to think up lots of ideas for my company and things I might be able to accomplish in the Music Industry. As the artists I had been working with had recently left the country for a while. Wow, May 2004 was quite a long month., Wait until you hear the rest of that year.

TO BE CONTINUED..... MAY 2004 & Beyond

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