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Monday, January 11, 2010

2000-2009: Decade of Development

Previously on 2000-2009:
I had just been arrested, charged and released on Bail.

2000-2001, a journey begins and a new life as well.

As we continue, in Late November 2001; I am now on Bail for a very complex situation that I still can't believe. I get jumped in a small town, by 10-25 people, and I am the only one to get arrested and charged with multiple counts of assault with a weapon.
My girlfriend at the time, is the main cause of the whole problem, but to keep her on my side, I am forced to stay with her. Mind you, this is right at the beginning of our relationship, so the next six months or so, is a very turbulent time.

Christmas was a blur and not very important to me that year. A new job comes along, but doesn't last because of my bad back, and my girlfriend showing up at my workplace. Sometime during this period, I was introduced to my future next-Girlfriend of the day, through my current girlfriend at the time.

February 2002, shortly after I lost my job, my girlfriend decides she wants to "Run-away FOREVER!" so she brings $20 for expenses and a change of clothes, nice. I only agree to get her out of my parents face for a while, we jumped in the car and started driving.

Later that night we arrive in Montreal, where she refuses to get out of the car for 2 days. So, I continue driving through Quebec, into New Brunswick, down to Fredericton. Where we stayed for the next week. Nice city, snow drifts taller than me. This was during the Winter Olympics, so the place I found was a UNB residence, I watched the Canadian Women's Hockey Team win the gold Medal. Good game too.

Needless to say, we came back. Not a very excited trip, or story, but it happened and I like to travel regardless of my companions.

Late in March, I was sentenced and finally broke up with that girl, after we visit the next girlfriend for the weekend. They were Friends, sort of. As spring rolled in, I started spending the day time on the weekends at the new girl's house, hanging out with her and her son.

Later that summer, I disappeared out West again, My cousin was getting married, so I decided to go, and take a little time for myself as well. I went out to Wainwright, AB for the wedding after a week or so, of running up and down between Calgary and Edmonton. And a little Venture back to Vancouver for a couple days.

While in Wainwright, I met this incredible German girl, beautiful & Smart.... we were able to keep in touch on and off for a while, but we both got busy in our respective lives.

When I got Back to Toronto, I had to make a Decision about what I wanted to do in my life. A couple years earlier when I first arrived in Vancouver, I had applied to a school and was accepted, but I wasn't able to attend because it was a private career college and wanted the entire tuition up front...

In mid-2002, I decided to try and figure out how to apply to a Local school here in Toronto, called Harris Institute, but I needed a lot of information for the application, part of the reason I went back out to Vancouver, I needed a reference. I spent the next few months putting everything together and sent the application. But the Problem continued to be Funding. I made plans in the fall of 2002, to go up to Whitehorse, YT to spend Christmas. I bought my one-way ticket advance for Greyhound and left Toronto again about a week before Christmas, 2002.

To be Continued..... 2003, and beyond...

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