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Friday, February 5, 2010

2000-2009: Decade of Development


PREVIOUSLY; Summer 2006, Adventures with new friends; September 2006, another Road-Trip; October 2006, EX-girlfriend Re-visited; End of the Year a new Job & Higher Education...

January 2007, After a short lived Christmas break at my new job, and a week off from my new school program I decided that it would be better to changed campuses. I initially registered at the Mississauga Campus, but after a night shift in North York it made for a very long day, so I transferred to the North York campus. It was much closer to my job, so I just went straight to school after work in the morning.

This meant that we had to make a little adjustment to our routine again, my dog and me. She was alone for quite a while in the night, but I still had a couple roommates to keep her company, her feedings were still regular, but I had to give her enough to last until I returned home. As soon as I got home, it was exercise time and it had to be done she needed the time to burn some energy. If I had homework, it was done after that. This meant I was awake for a good portion of the day.

I worked 7 hours at night midnight til 7am, the school from 8am-1pm.... it wasn't all that bad. so basically I was back to a 12-13 hour days, my dog had been used to that already just at different time in the day. On top of all this I was trying to operated a new business which I thought the program would be useful for. There was some information that I wanted and looked for throughout. A way to put to together and present a good Business Plan for example.

It was February 2006 before I got my next break. It worked out well with the transfer, and doing the two courses before Christmas. I had a week off in February and another week off in the last week of April. At the beginning of February 2006, my artist had just completed another CD Mixtape. Now we wanted to get it manufactured and out into the world.... My idea was to get it all ready during my week off, so I would be able to put in some work before going back to school. There was delays finding an affordable manufacturer, and when we finally found one there was more delays with the price negotiation.

It was close to the end of March before we finally received our product. This caused a few problems for me. Promotion of the CD was delayed and packaging was a little more expensive than we had anticipated because we had also got some over sized posters made. We wanted to sell the CD's online, and in the street and anywhere else we could. I put quite a lot of time into this part of it. I also wanted to get in into the campus/community radio stations that had accommodated us before. The other issue I ran into was that I acquired a second job, as a casual Bartender for Trade Shows & conferences at the Toronto Congress Centre. It was casual in hours, but formal in service.

By the end of March, beginning of April 2007 I was working FT nights Monday to Saturday mornings. Then I was working about 2-3 Shifts a week as a bartender for these functions, and on top of that I was trying to sell these CD's and what not. I was also going to school in the day time from Monday to Friday. I was very busy, and my dog still needed her regular exercise and attention. Surprisingly, this was not a problem, I had a lot of time for my dog, I started taking her over to an outdoor hockey rink that I could close the door to, and let her run off the leash, throw a ball, etc... run her out of energy as much as that is possible.

By the end of April 2007 I was really looking forward to my next break. Then my friend from Fort Frances, ON called me and asked if I would like to see her. She was coming down to Toronto to check out a school that she had wanted to go to for a long time. Now she had somebody to stay with, me. She came to Toronto during my week off school, but I still had to work my job(s). She had never been to the city, so I tried to show her around and take her a few places. Did a lot of Driving which really wore me out... we visited my other friends that she had met before, but so much for getting to rest for a week in the daytime.

May 2007 rolled around I had to go back to school and work, however, the bartending work slowly died off at that point, it was more comic book conventions and stuff for younger people, so there was no bars. This opened up some time for me to get the music out there. I knew of some stores in the Downtown area that would sell the CD's for us, but on consignment, no up front payments. This is a downside to Toronto's independent music scene. So I started spending a couple hours every afternoon just out on the street trying to sell CD's to people, and possibly giving away a few samples also. I had also had made a new friend, who happened to have a Pit Bull as well. We hit it off and became very good friends over the next few months.

Around May 24 weekend, 2006 My new friend had taken a job up in Muskoka - Huntsville, ON. She was going to take care of an animal boarding center while the owner tried to make a new start in New Brunswick or someplace. I was invited to help her move up there, see the place, and stay the weekend with my dog. The Pit Bulls had to be separated from the rest of the animals because of the new laws restricting the breed. So my dog and her dog, had a whole yard to themselves, and became as good of friends as we were. Her dog was a male, and much older this made the interaction much easier... as my dog has always been a dominant female, and very territorial over other females. During our first weekend, the center still had other employees and a lot of work to do to the grounds. I guess because it was Spring, but the yards were a mess overgrown and really not taken care of. There was Three main yards, one of those opened up into a bigger area with a pond. There was also three more segregated yards for trouble dogs, and three or four smaller pens that housed the over flow at night. Then there was the yard for the residence where ours dogs spent most their days. In all I think they told me the facility had 26 acres, just for the dogs. The property itself was much bigger.

In June 2007, I started going up north almost every weekend. It was good for me, as well as my dog, she got lots of exercise and had a friend... It just allowed me to get away for a couple days. We had BAR-B-Q, a lot of food. I also started visiting my parents house also, they had finally warmed up to Precious and let her come in the house now when we were there. Keep in Mind this was just the weekends, I was still going to work and school and getting everything done. I was kind of impressed with myself.

In late June 2007, around the 20th or so I was laid off from my night job, but still had a little over a month left in my school program. This caused me some trouble when it came to finding another job. I had to focus on my last few weeks, and make enough money for rent and everything. When July 2007 came around I did not have enough for my rent. My house had gone from 4 guys to three, as I had advised one of my friends, who had a chance to live in a bigger place, that he should before we lose this house. That left three of us, but the other problem was that without my knowledge, one of the guys had not been paying his rent as he said he had been. Our Rent was $1200/month, after the one guy moved out the split made it $400 for each of us. At this point it made it hard for me to go up north. My friend was also having trouble with the owner of the boarding center, and her job was in jeopardy.

By the middle of July 2007, I still hadn't got anything from E.I. and I didn't want to owe much more money to the Landlord, so I had advised the other guy who was actually paying rent that he should start looking for a place because I was going to move out at the end of the month. I Delayed telling the landlord until my friend had found a place. The decision was last minute, but I had no options left, I had to finish my program and had enough trouble looking for a job let alone getting one in time. In the last week of July 2007, I finally got a hold of the guy who wasn't paying his rent and told him the house was being evacuated, and if he wanted his stuff he should get there within a day or so.

August 2007 I had got the other guys out of the house, and talked to the landlord. I changed the locks during the move so we would be able to get back in after leaving. I told them I was coming back to clean up. I got my stuff out, my parents allowed me and my dog to come live back at the house while I was finishing my school. And by the time I got settled, my E.I. finally kicked in.

My last day of school was August 27, 2007. My car was being repaired, so it had been off the road since I moved in.... commuting by bus and train to get to school. The same day, My Night shift supervisor called me back to work for the following Sunday. Apparently, our shift was changing its start of the week from Monday to Sunday. It was fine with me.

It was a few weeks into September 2007 when they also changed our start time to 11pm, and added two more production lines, that meant more people. Some of these people were English speaking which was a welcome change and some were also known, people from the now non-existent afternoon shift.

By October 2007, I was getting sick of working for the company, as I had been promised many advancements that didn't happen and raises that never came. I wasn't until a couple people from the new group started being friendly with me, and actually talking to me, not just asking for more product. I had been missing the interaction of the school and the people from the club job.
I also noticed that one of the employees was growing on me.... more to come on that.

It was the middle of November 2007, when I was hired PT at an Auto Auction in Milton, ON. I was still living at my parents place so this worked for me, I would be home in time for one morning shift a week, and work an evening shift each week before going to work. These were sale days at the auction. I was working within the auction lanes, at a station doing paper work, and getting contracts signed after the sale went through to the highest bidder. I think it was sometime in late November 2007, when she really noticed me back. The she I refer to is the woman who would become my next girlfriend.

We were always very busy on the job, and took different breaks. So it wasn't until sometime in December 2007 when we were able to actually have a short conversation and somewhat get to know each other. Right before we went on our Christmas break, we finally exchanged phone numbers and tried to make some plans.

TO BE CONTINUED...... Q1 2008 & beyond

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