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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2000-2009: Decade of Development


PREVIOUSLY; March 2006; ROAD TRIP-WINNIPEG, MB; Newly Incorporated Business & Studio building in Progress.

The final week of March 2006, we had left Winnipeg, MB, and reluctantly with an extra passenger... a girl that would become my Next future EX, so to speak. I have to admit I did not think ahead when I let her come back with me. At the time I was living at my parents house, and had a job that kept me away for 12 hours each day that I worked. I had no idea where she was going to stay or how I was going to explain her being there, at my parents house. So, I asked what her plan was.

She told me that she would come to Toronto, for two weeks, but had to be back in Manitoba for her birthday. Her Birthday was in 2 weeks. So I asked how she planned on getting there for her birthday if she was in Toronto. I suggested the Bus, the cheapest way... She said that sounded OK, although she had no money. Looks like I wasn't the only one who didn't make any short term plans. I was OK with paying for a bus ticket, my mistake was asking if she wanted to come back afterward, so I ended up paying for a return ticket. I bought the ticket while we were passing through Thunder Bay, ON.... the next day we were all a little more clear headed, and the questions started coming.

We got back to my Parent's place very late at night and I was able to bring her in without too much trouble. It was the next day when my parents found her in my room. She basically had two weeks to kill, with no idea of what to do with that time. I believed that she would come back after her trip back to her birthday parties, and I knew I couldn't keep her at my parent's house. I started looking for an apartment for us. I found a nice one in my old neighborhood in Mississauga, as she said she wasn't ready to live in Toronto. I made sure we were close to buses and had easy access to the Subway.

Needless to say, the next couple months were going to be interesting... It took her a couple days to actually get on the bus by herself, she was a little freaked out for some reason. We were able to keep in touch, but I was given a little break. When she got back, we spent some time together as by the time she had gone back to Winnipeg, I had lost my job because of a serious miss communication. We decided to get a dog, a young Pit Bull that we named Precious, she was very bony and malnourished when we picked her up at the Toronto Humane Society.

I had to pay the rent somehow, so I started looking for a job for both of us. I took the dog for walks about three times a day at that point, just to get outside, and give the dog some exercise. The girl had taken the dog for a walk one afternoon and disappeared for hours, she eventually called me to tell me that she had sprained her ankle and couldn't walk. After that point, she became very home sick, and was getting irritable. Her mother offered to pay for a plane ticket for her to go back to Winnipeg.

It was May 17, 2006 when she boarded her plane headed back home. She left me with the dog, which I was becoming very attached to anyway. She also wanted to stay together as long as we could, the same day I dropped her at the airport I also started a new job. I was working at Polson Pier aka The Docks Niteclub. I basically threw myself into the job, thinking that I would remain faithful. Although I did, I became very bored with the long distance relationship as it wasn't going all that well anyway....

It wasn't until June 2006, that the job became Full Time. Instead of only working in the club during the weekends, I worked FT at the Golf Center which was a Driving Range/Drive-In Theater. I Did this for the next month without much rest, and near the end of June 2006, the girlfriend who was now living back in Winnipeg finally broke up with me, as she had met somebody new.

I July 2006, I had to move out of the apartment in Mississauga, and into a shared house back in my old neighborhood of Parkdale with three other guys, my co-workers from The Docks. This was a needed move, as all of us were looking for a place to live and fast, and good for me and my dog, as she wasn't seeing me nearly as much as she needed to. My hours were getting crazy throughout the summer. I was working almost everyday and the days I wasn't working I was very busy...


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