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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2000-2009: Decade of Development


PREVIOUSLY; A very long and stress filled 2005; Many job, in many fields; A couple failed relationships; A Journey, A Destination, and A Return...

January 2006, As I had much of the week to get things done and accomplished, I had an idea to finish something I tried to do while living in Vancouver. I went back and completed my bartending course. This time I was able to finish.... long story. I attended the Bartending School of Ontario, bartending school is not meant to be difficult, but they more or less want you to know what you're doing. I went back mostly to finish something I didn't in the past, but also for the knowledge, a refresher, and possible job opportunities later on.

It only took about a month to complete, two days a week. It also included some interesting workshops as well. I was able to attend a workshop put together by Labbatt and Inbev. It was basically a bunch of knowledge on the products from around the world, mostly stats, and some demonstrations. We got to taste samples of everything, learn to pour certain Beers properly, and also learn the Belgian pour.

Later in January 2006, my MVA settlement finally came through after some document exchanges, so I already knew how much I was getting I just had to wait for it. I saw this as an opportunity to both, put something away, as well as build for NOW. I decided I wanted to start building a home studio. I looked into buying a Piano keyboard for production. I started hunting through EBAY.

I finally found the piece I wanted to buy and started bidding. By the time I won, and paid, and the keyboard was shipped it was already February 2006. This important piece of my future studio now brought my thoughts into a new set of possibilities and ideas. I thought it was time to look into actually registering my business. I had been operating a company with a name, but I was advised against registering the company until I knew exactly what direction I wanted to go with it.
After consulting with a lawyer, as well as an accountant about certain legal issues of having a registered company, and what kind of registered company would suit my business.
In the end I decided I wanted to incorporate my company.

The process started in March 2006. I had to go back to the lawyer, luckily he was a family friend and a client of my mother's bookkeeping service. He was able to put together the documents necessary and get the incorporation done in a much faster way than me. I had previously looked into the process on my own, and it would have cost a little less, but probably taken much longer.

I paid the initial fee, and we did the first name search, unfortunately, the name I had been using for over three years needed now to be changed. So Red Brown Entertainment quickly became Freeze Flame Productions Inc. The process was completed March 23, 2006.

About a week before the Incorporation process was completed, a friend of mine was getting restless after ending a relationship with a girl he'd been with for a couple years. He suggested that we take a road trip, for about a week or so. For some reason he wanted to go out to Winnipeg, MB. So we left a couple days later after planning a bit.
Keeping in mind that it wasn't quite spring time in most of the country. When we left Toronto, the weather was fine, clear and dry, I drove for most of that day.
We took the Northern Route, HWY 11, and it wasn't until somewhere farther north than North Bay, ON late in the middle of the night that the weather changed very drastically.

We were driving tired, through a blizzard. With the snow coming from straight ahead, and the headlights not seeing anything but, it became pretty hypnotic..... and with the wipers going at the same time, after a short time I could barely keep my eyes open. We stopped for a moment and I drank two red bulls immediately. We then traded drivers, I took a nap... fell asleep almost instantly, so I am not sure how long he was at the wheel. However long, it didn't seem long enough because I was so tired, but the energy drinks did kick in to give me a boost.

The snow stopped sometime during the night, he was kind of in a hurry to get to our destination so we kept pushing. After Thunder Bay, ON I suggested that we stop at one of my friend's places. My other idea was to do a little business along the way, that meant stopping at the very same radio stations I did the previous summer. Both ideas were dismissed, he was on a mission of another kind.

When we finally got to Winnipeg, MB we were exhausted, I was completely out of it. I think I had done most of the driving. When we checked into a local hotel, a nice one.... he had benefits from his job. We got a great discounted rate, I think it was around 3 days for the price of 1.

It was a day or two before we recovered from the drive enough to set out in search of something to do that week. It was at a restaurant at lunch one day when we finally figured something out. A waiter had told us about a club in the city, that had a very popular ladies night, where the ratio was about 3 to 1, women to men. We decided to check it out.

Lucky for us too, it was spring break, and to our surprise Winnipeg is a popular place for University girls from nearby US bordering states, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota to name a few.... A met a girl from one of those states, and a older biker chick from BC.... and at some point that night my friend and I got separated. He found a couple local girls that invited us back to their place the next day. We arrived at the girl's place the next day, where we were introduced to about a half a dozen other girls. The girl who actually lived in the house had a small child, and wanted to introduce me to her cousin. The girl eventually invited us to spend the rest of our time in the city at her house, so we went back to the hotel and checked out, saving us a little money.

We spent two nights at the house partying and what not, and the following day we had to leave. This girl whom I had been introduced wanted to go with us..... This was the girl that would end up my Next girlfriend; Not really thinking about much, except the way home..... We ended up leaving late that night headed back to Ontario, with an extra passenger....

TO BE CONTINUED .... Q2 2006 & Beyond...

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