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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Setbacks & Milestones: The Rizes and Falls

PART 10: Mini Biography Vol.2

A short side trip for a moment.... I thought I would make this Part 10.  This is a Short Biography relating to my Music industry experiences.  A huge Milestone in my life, in terms of accomplishing goals and making dreams a reality.  This Bio mainly covers, how an interest evolved into a real life business within the music industry....  Sky is the limit...   Just keep in mind, the next section may get a bit more graphic, as without any downfall, one may never rise above and overcome..... enjoy..

A Short Music Industry Biography:
Randy Freese, Managing Director
Freeze Flame Productions Inc.

Randy Freese was born in Edmonton, AB in 1979 to a young mother that wanted him to have a better life, so he was adopted by a couple from Toronto that had been living in the city for a time.  They ended up moving back to Toronto in the summer of 1986 due to economic conditions in Alberta at the time.

By the early 90's, Randy had found an interest in music, at that time was just an interest.  A couple years later he found out an old friend was actually in a band and had recorded an album, this sparked something inside Randy, possibilities and ideas mainly.  With this friend as well as others, Randy began helping build car audio sound systems and putting together an inventory of sound equipment in order to put on small parties in the neighborhood. 

In late 1995, a day or two after a large purchase of audio recording and sound equipment, Randy arrived home to find them missing and was later accused of a crime that sent him away at a crucial time  in his development.  He had to make some changes in his life and starting by planning a way to do so and by his release in 1997 he had a game plan to make these changes, but a severe lack of knowledge, understanding and funding to make things happen.

Randy's biggest idea was to use his experiences to tell a story however he could, but the main format he  modelled was Hip Hop Culture.  Turning a negative into a positive, doing something creative out of more or less nothing at all, except an idea and a concept.  In actual fact, Hip Hop sparked the necessary  changes within Randy Freese's mind set in order to accomplish what had now become an achievable goal.  Randy also tried his hand at freestyling and writing rhymes/poetry related to his own experiences, but found more inspiration in helping others find their voice and tell their own stories.    

By 1999, after suffering many set backs, and accomplishing many small milestones, Randy Freese graduated from High School at Western Technical Commercial School in Toronto.  After that, he was free to pursue everything that he had set his mind on.  One thing had been lingering on his mind for many years, his own adoption.  After receiving his diploma he set out to settle his mind and was determined to make contact with that mother who had given him up so many year before. It was in late 1999, when he found some information that would allow him to start writing letters to people whom he considered possible relatives.  It was a couple weeks before any responses, but one anonymous letter came in the mail with another list of possible relatives, so he again sat down and wrote each name on that list a letter and sent them all out.

In March 2000, one night the phone rang about a half dozen times, aunts and uncles called first to tell him that he had found what he was looking for, and later that night a call from his birth mother.  By the end of the conversation Randy had made plans to visit them all, in Western Canada – scattered from the southern prairies all the way up to Yukon Territory.

On July 4, 2000 Randy Freese left Toronto for the first time since arriving in 1986, bound for Western Canada on his Journey of Self-Discovery.  After finishing High school, Randy coincidentally had applied for a music training school called Trebass Institute, who happened to have a campus in Vancouver, BC.

Now out on the road, all by himself, Randy had time to make things happen for himself, and had to do it all alone, after meeting his birth family, in Alberta and Mother in Whitehorse, YT he set his sites on the City of Vancouver.  First, attending a meeting that was concluded with his acceptance into Trebass Institute, then to gain some more inspiration and possibly contacts within the industry, Randy began attending concerts and shows.  Unfortunately, Randy was unable to secure any funding to attend the schooling, but he was nevertheless determined.

After a couple years on the road, and living in Vancouver, Randy had began to accumulate an new inventory of equipment, and a number of low level contacts in the industry that included a couple local artists as well as some aspiring ones.  When 9/11 hit NYC in 2001, Randy was still in Vancouver, BC and although safe and sound, friends and family urged him to return home to Ontario, he did so with hesitation.  Upon returning, Randy found himself in a place where he had to completely start over again, in trying to do so, suffered a few more set backs along the way.

By 2002, Randy Freese begin the application process for Harris Institute for the Arts, which was much more a lengthy one than Trebass and a little more complicated for Randy himself having to obtain some references, his recent life had been in BC, so he was able to return to reconnect with some people briefly to do so.  And Again around Christmas, he headed up to Whitehorse, YT to share the news before starting his program in March 2003. 

From March 2003- March 2004, Randy was trained and skilled in the Music Business as a whole. An intense program of three semesters back to back, there was papers to write, and practical assignments to complete.  For the entire year, Randy Freese was completely immersed in the entertainment industry and the Toronto Music scene.  Some notable stand out achievements throughout this time for Randy Freese were of course, being able to pass all his classes on the first try; a Summer internship at Toronto's local aboriginal radio station, AVRN;  Being introduced to his first artist, in a management capacity, Jae Spillz, who he continues to work with to this day;  The formation of his Company, Red Brown Entertainment; a Marketing Plan, that sparked an interest in Marketing in a serious way,  for a Heavy Metal Publication called Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles; and the co-scripting & Final Editing of a Music Video for another independent artist.

After Graduating in March 2004, Red Brown Entertainment took on a small international presence, although Randy Freese regrettably stayed in Canada, he continued to assist his artist and their new producer while they were overseas, this was the first time Randy had done music management as a consultant/adviser.  During their year overseas, Randy Freese returned to Alberta with a hope of connecting with some indigenous talent from his home province, as well as do some more industry networking where ever possible. 

Upon the artists returning from overseas in 2005, Randy had also found a talented Metis singer and set up a collaborative recorded effort.  She was a country/gospel singer and he was a rapper/MC from very different cultural backgrounds and they did a song for the first mixtape that the company financed, which also gained some minor radio play on campus/community stations.  Although Randy had to return to Alberta to complete a contract at the time, he returned a few months later, where the artist, Randy and the Company was reunited.

In 2006, after a large purchase of equipment, meant to be the beginning of a constructed studio, Randy Freese decided to incorporate the Company; Red Brown Entertainment became Freeze Flame Productions Inc.  Thinking more about the long term, this was a slight set back in terms of the costs of incorporation.  Randy had to return to the networking in order to keep his name and the company's viable and in the industry's sights.  After completing a Writing course that summer, and getting a job at a night club, Randy began freelance writing to earn extra money and used the job to stay relevant, as well as meet artists, Djs, aspiring talent, etc.   

Again, in 2007, Randy Freese returned to school.  He attended a Business Administration program for which he graduated with Honours.  During that time, the newly incorporated Freeze Flame Productions Inc. Released its second in a series of CD Mixtapes, aptly named Crunch Time, and that's what it was definitely, time to rebuild, and build some more.  With a new business plan and model, Randy Freese's vision has come to life.

 By 2008, Freeze Flame Productions Inc. Had created a network of artists, 2 full functional recording studios with the capabilities to do most projects on our own.  Randy suffered a Workplace injury that left him unable to work, but also much more focused on the company and its business endeavours.

Since 2009, Randy Freese has created a publishing and a bookkeeping division to supplement both his own and the company's financial statements.  A newly refreshed business plan to use for grant applications, because funding is out there.  A small roster of artists, that either have music ready for release for are preparing for final product.  The next step in the plan is to gain funding to assist in the construction of a more professional workspace for the roster of talent, as well as future projects both in and outside the Freeze Flame team of artists, producers, etc.  The idea has come to life, and the next phase is beginning to take shape in the form of self sufficiency.

With a functional website and a fully integrated recording facility, Freeze Flame's Managing Director, Randy Freese, is well on his way to achieving what he set out to do from the start. 


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